Kathy Good - Landscape Painter

Kathy Good - Landscape Painter

Tell us about your craft, do you have a special method or use particular materials that set you apart? 
I paint landscapes so I bring my materials outside: paints, my palette and easel. I use a really big palette so that I have lots of space to mix paint. I also use a palette knife often instead of brushes because it keeps things simple and direct.

When and how did you get started?
In 1995, I did a residency at Vermont Studio Center and that was when I first started painting landscapes after being introduced to it by other artists there. I like this approach to painting, because there’s no wondering what to do. The landscape provides me with an immediate task of responding and you have to work fast. It’s also physical, working this way keeps me out of my head which also appeals to me.

What keeps you inspired?
I like the connection I get from looking closely at the natural world. Even if the painting goes awry, there’s the experience and memory of knowing and appreciating a place. I also have some great women painter friends that just get it - time with them is the best!

What is your motto?
I don’t have a specific motto, but maybe keep showing up without getting too stuck on failure/success.

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